A Wee Catholic Baptism

Young Thomas, three weeks old, with his proud parents Michael and Lia.

This weekend, I had the wonderful privilege of photographing the newest member of my boyfriend’s family at his christening.

The experience was only diminished by the fact that the Thursday prior I’d had my remaining two wisdom teeth removed and additional dental work done, so I was in a fair amount of pain. The baby’s parents, my boyfriend’s cousins, were very accommodating of the scheduling hiccup, which I am so very grateful.

It was a day of firsts for both the baby and myself. Whilst young Thomas made his first appearance ever in a church, I also made my first since coming to terms with my decision to convert to Judaism. We both arrived strangers to the faith. He was reborn a Catholic weeks before I myself would be journeying to the mikvah to mark the next phase of my life. So in a way, I felt a kinship with this little baby.

In spite of my pain, the service was lovely and the pictures turned out so wonderfully. Thomas’s mother Lia looked incredible, especially for having giving birth three weeks ago.

Due to the personal nature of the photography, no additional photos will be published online.

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